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Cellulite Reduction Treatment

nail salon Kent Island

The GX-99 machine that we use is described as a system that delivers an intense vibrating massage. The purpose of this machine is to reduce cellulite and help to contour the body while eliminating pockets of excess fat. Combining Endermology treatments along with our Slender Body wrap will give you the best results. Packages are available.  Sign up for our weekly email club to ensure that you get the best deal!

What is Cellulite?


Cellulite refers to the dimples or orange peel appearance on the thighs, buttocks, hips, and knees.  Cellulite is more sensitive than normal skin and can feel cold to the touch.  It may also appear whiter than the rest of the skin.  Hard cellulite is found in active women, such as dancers or athletes, is the hardest to reduce because it attaches to the muscle.  Soft cellulite on the other hand is more noticeable but easier to temporarily reduce.



How do you develop cellulite?


The skin sends down anchoring connective tissue to the muscle.  In between this connective tissue and muscle are fat deposits.  When the fat deposits become hard and large they push against the connective tissue and stretch it, which therefor creates the outward appearance of lumps and bump.  This can be caused by a number of things including: poor circulation, lack of exercise, poor lymph system drainage, food allergies, pregnancy, aging, smoking and lack of water.


There are four distinct stages that define cellulite conditions.


Stage 1 (minor)


  • Excess fluids

  • Jiggly loose appearance

  • Dimples visible only when pinches, pressed or when standing


Stage 2 (concern)


  • Large areas of excess fluids

  • Orange peel” appearance

  • Visible dimpling

  • Minor pitting


Stage 3 (problem)


  • Cottage cheese appearance

  • Multiple, visible lumps and pitting

  • Moderate to severe dimpling


Stage 4 (severe)


  • Large, multiple, hardened lumps that may be painful when touched

  • Major pitting

When preparing for your first treatment:


Days before starting the treatments, it is best if the skin is conditioned with a moisturizer.  DO NOT MOISTURIZE BEFORE THE TREATMENT


Eat a light meal before the treatment.  Don’t eat deep fried foods or dairy products before or immediately after the treatments                                                  

Must wear thong, underwear, or bathing suit bottom.  We do have disposable undergarments available


Exercising after your treatment is a great way to maximize your results and burn more calories


DRINK PLENTY OF WATER.  The consumption of water is perhaps the most important aspect of any cellulite treatment.  We ask that for two weeks prior to their first treatment they drink at least a gallon of water each day.  The body must be hydrated if we are going to flush any toxins from the body.


Endermology Price List 

(Cellulite Reduction Treatment)


General Guidelines are to perform two treatments per week with the total number of treatments for each stage shown.


Single session: $75


Stage 1 cellulite 6 treatments

$400 (save $50)


Stage 2 cellulite 12 treatments

$800 (save $100)


Stage 3 cellulite 18 treatments

$1000 (save $350)


Stage 4 cellulite 24 treatments

$1200 (save 600)


New clients will receive $100 off any package of 6 treatments or more!

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