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Microblading by Certified Professional

Permanent Makeup


Please download and print ALL FOUR forms above.  Complete them and bring them with you for your first consultation

Permanent Make-Up offers safe and time-saving enhancement of eyes, brows and lips including natural

and dramatic eyeliner, full lip color and lip liner.


The Beautiful You, You Always Knew You Could Be


Wouldn't it be great to wake up in the morning, looking just like you did the night before? Now you can-contact Lisa Farabee, owner and artist of Farabee Fine Lines.  Permanent make-up, known as micro-pigmentation, is a revolutionary method of applying natural pigments into the dermal layerof skin.  Similar to tattooing, this benefits anyone wishing to have natural enhancements to theirappearance, without makeup. This is ideal for those who are challenged with the application process of traditional cosmetics, with vision problems and arthritis. Lisa specializes in lip liner color, eyebrows, eyeliner, and more.



This is a wonderful way to enhance the overall look and structure of the face. Whether you have brows that are too thin, too light, or poorly shaped, you can now have the look, shape and color you desire.




Add color, life and maybe even a little drama to your eyes! You choose the shade, style and thickness. You’ll never have running eyeliner again! Intradermal pigmentation is frequently recommended by ophthalmologists for people who are allergic to conventional cosmetic products.


Lips & Lip Liner:


No more smudging or running! You can have a rosy smile and a defined look forever. Full lip color and liner is the perfect enhancement of or solution to poorly shaped, crooked or deformed lips or vermillion border.


Aftercare/ Healing:


Procedures generally heal in a week to 14 days depending upon the procedure. Your specialist will give you simple aftercare instructions.

Permanent Cosmetic Price List

Each Initial Procedure Includes 1 Touch-up


  • Brows: $400

  • Lower Liner: $250

  • Upper Liner: $250

  • Upper and Lower Liner: $400

  • Full Lip Color: $450 & up

  • Lip Liner:  $350

  • Microblading (rates by consultation)


Permanent Cosmetic Touch- Up

To help maintain it is important to have touch-ups done


Touch-Ups for NEW CLIENTS (original work done elsewhere) priced by initial consultation.



*Discounts available for multiple procedures

done same day*

* Prices subject to change without notice

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