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nail salon Kent Island
nail salon Kent Island


Body Wrap

Lose SIX to TWENTY Inches in One Hour! Guaranteed!

Slender Wrap:

This wrap pulls metabolic waste from where it’s stored in your fat cells and compacts you fat cells closer back together. If also firms and tones tissue and tightens skin. You will be in the wrap for 1 hour and we guarantee that you will lose at least 6 inches in your first wrap or your next wrap is free.

Anti-Aging Wrap:

This wrap is similar to our slender wrap but it has double the minerals and few additions that lend more skin tightening properties. This wrap will leave your skin feeling and looking years younger.

Lipase Wrap:

You are first wrapped in an enzyme called lipase that breaks down fatty tissue, and then you are unwrapped and wrapped back up in our Slender Wrap mineral solution. We call this wrap the “inch-booster”.

Body Wrap Price List

  • First Slender Wrap: $115

  • Slender Wrap: $135

  • Anti-Aging Wrap: $155

  • Lipase Wrap: $225


MSM Upgrade: $10:
Add the MSM upgrade to any wrap to help with muscle and joint pain.

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